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7 Steps to Create a Complete Marketing Strategy in 2023

Creating a marketing strategy is essential to effectively nurture your customers, improve the bottom line at your business, and increase the ROI of your efforts. A marketing strategy is especially critical if you want to leverage the highest-ROI trends for 2023: short video, influencer marketing, and branded social media. To get powerful results, you must carefully […]

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What does Performance Marketing mean exactly?

As it is clear from the name of this model, this type of marketing and advertising processes is dependent on the performance and results obtained. Performance marketing takes place in the online world where the results are fully measurable and the advertiser will only pay for the desired results. Sometimes you are looking for specific […]

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How to Create a Sales Plan?

Do you have a sales plan? Entrepreneurs, sales executives, and sales managers all benefit from writing sales plans — whether for their business, department, or team. You must know where you’re going before you can hit your key targets, and from there, you must break down the strategies and tactics you’ll use to do it. […]

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